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BJL Background

Welcome to BJL Wealth Management! Thank you for taking the time to visit us on the web. Let me share a little bit about our site and why it may be different from other sites in our business.

We are extremely passionate about the privilege we have to help build great lifestyles for our clients. I was lucky growing up the way I did. My parents and grandparents instilled in me a belief that anything worth doing is worth doing well. We also learned that we should never be afraid to be different in business. Just make sure you have a good reason behind it.

As we looked at what we want to do on our site, we decided to take the same approach we do with our Firm...Let's help people! So, rather than give you a directory of our services like most others do, we decided to use our site to talk about the things we think people need to know. We love serving our clients, but there's more than that. Far too often over the last 10 years we have been asked by our friends, clients, and family, to help good people they know and love, who have had bad experiences with financial services. That fires us up to say the least. It became our mission to do everything we can to prevent that from happening.

Hopefully you will learn a few things that help you better understand the financial world and how you can make it work for you, for your family, or for your business. We will work each month to give you valuable tips and useful information from leading thinkers in the industry. We love feedback! So don't hesitate to let us know what you'd like to see. We will do our best to make it happen.

Our Story

My financial background began in the accounting field. I worked as an accountant for five years and received my CPA license while doing so. This was a great experience however, my real passion was for finance. The market has always intrigued me and by becoming a Financial Planner, I am able to use my knowledge to benefit others. I can work with clients on a more personal and frequent basis. It is one thing to know how to plan for a client's future, it is another to earn their trust. I believe that a strong relationship between a client and their planner is essential.

When we started BJL Wealth Management, we wanted to distinguish our company from other financial organizations. We decided to create a comprehensive financial firm based on providing our clients the best SERVICE and EXPERTISE possible for all of their financial needs. We have positioned ourselves as the guide for our clients with a team of specialists that can help provide the right investment, insurance, accounting or mortgage strategy to meet their individual situation.

We track all of our clients' progress through one program. Our wealth management solution equips our clients with their own financial website. Together, we are able to collaborate at any time and discuss their financial strategies. It also allows our company to consolidate all of our clients’ financial information into one location. The Wealth Management Solution uses cutting edge technology to sync clients' accounts, allowing us to view their information in real time.

BJL Wealth Management is a team of professionals ready to work with any financial situation brought upon us. Our company has the knowledge and resources to guide our clients toward the financial health and independence they are looking to achieve.