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BJL Personal Wealth

Welcome to the section of our site where we will outline our approach to personal wealth and lifestyle enhancement. We believe it's crucial to have your financial plan managed by one expert who controls all the players on your financial management team. It's a bit like a football team. You need a quarterback, but you only want one on the team.

If you saw the section "OUR BELIEFS", you know that one of our core beliefs is: BE AN EXPERT WITH A TEAM OF EXPERTS. We often hear people share that they struggle to coordinate all the different aspects of their financial needs. It can become a second job.

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It doesn't need to be that way. Furthermore, it shouldn't be that way. Many of the decisions made in one area of need have implications on other aspects of your financial livelihood. Take a look below...we've tried to give an overview of how you can best secure your lifestyle and your wealth without having to self-manage!

Crucial elements of a sound relationship that you expect with your Financial Planner are:

  • TRANSPARENCY in the disclosure of all costs associated with the management of your assets and the protection of your wealth and your lifestyle.
  • EDUCATION: You deserve to know the strategy designed to achieve the life you want for yourself and your family.
  • COMMUNICATION: There should be a frequent review of the status of your portfolio and regular discussions about the changing circumstances of your life. This ensures that your taking proactive measures to take advantage of opportunities that can be time sensitive.

Feel free to ask us to review your circumstances. Click here and we'll make the arrangements at no cost to you. It's important to know where you stand.

BJL's Personal Wealth Management Team provides a centralized and personalized focus in the following areas:

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Wealth comes with great privileges, but also with great responsibilities. For our clients who have reached that station in life, and wish to be relieved of the BURDENS ON YOUR TIME AND ENERGY, we provide a Family Practice model.

Our specialists work to manage all of these areas for you. We understand the challenges you face. We allow you the luxury of time to focus on your business growth, or simply enjoy the privileges your wealth provides.

Our team understands the unique complexities you face. We have compiled a team of some of the best minds in each area of practice. BJL experts coordinate all of these services for you. You could live half way around the world, be traveling the world, or be enjoying stress free time at home. Either way, all your needs are cared for!

Here are a few critical factors of Family Practice:

  • Consolidated and comprehensive strategic integration for all aspects of your life.
  • No burdens on your time, with meetings and mountains of paperwork.
  • Employing aggressive checks and balances to help secure your assets.
  • Coordinating all of the different accounts in your portfolio.
  • Working with multiple generations in estate planning to give you the confidence that your legacy will be managed properly.
  • Professionals in each area of expertise, but coordinated by your dedicated team.