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BJL Wealth Management was founded on one simple premise: “CLIENTS SHOULD EXPECT AND DEMAND MORE!”

Have you experienced any of the following situations?

  • Clients were struggling to get personal attention.
  • They didn’t know how their financial strategies were being crafted.
  • They didn’t know about hidden costs built into their portfolio.
  • They had no idea of the significant levels of risk they were taking with their investment strategy.
  • They were surprised to find increasing levels of tax burden that they didn’t know about.
  • They had multiple people performing some element of service but nobody took responsibility for coordinating all the facets of their financial strategy. It was piecemeal.
  • Adjustments in their investment strategy were not being made as their age grew, or station in life, or family circumstances changed.
  • They barely saw their financial pro.
  • They couldn’t get a phone call returned, let alone answered.

This was an eye-opener to say the least. It led to the adoption of a few simple phrases that we allow today:


I then began to craft the plan for delivering to the client what I felt I would want if I were them. It just made sense to me. My Father and my Grandfather before him had taught me to think this way all my life. Now I had the chance to do it for the people, families, and businesses that I was privileged to serve.

The first step was to look at the mindset of BJL Wealth. Again, a simple thought occurred to me:


We believe, if we make decisions based on what is suitable for each and every client, every time, we will be on the right track. Then I began to think about the foggy world of investing and finance. It led to another discovery of a very simple nature.


Nothing should be hidden from a client. Some clients want more information/education than others for sure. However, every client of my firm will understand the costs and the risks, and the purpose for the strategy I put in place for them, their business, and their family.

Now I turned to the idea of responsibility, and the feedback I had received from dozens upon dozens of good people who simply felt that there were too many cooks in the financial kitchen. What was the answer? Well, staying simple in my thoughts, I said:


Why not surround yourself with proven and trusted pros in the different areas needed to fully serve our clients, and the take responsibility for making sure the overall strategy made sense? So that phase of my journey began.

I’ll skip to the end result. BJL Wealth is a firm that lives and breathes these beliefs. The individuals and partners I have as part of my team make me proud in their commitment to our clients, every day. Everyone likes to make money in their career. The beauty for us is that we get to do it by following these very simple beliefs as we perform for our clients daily. I will teach it to my son Max, as soon as he’s old enough to figure out what the old man does!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am truly privileged to serve you all.

May we all thrive in this great world.

Matthew Bagell